Water Your Garden

There are not many games or apps that I use on my mobile devices. But there is one that I really love. It is the Happy Color app, which is like a paint by number with thousands of categorized pictures to color. 

There is always a Daily Picture that you can color. And recently the day’s picture had a slogan on it that said this.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side
The grass is greener where you water it

I just loved that, and thought it was so true about so many people and how they view their lives. 

Be honest with yourself. How many times do you look at other people and envy what they have compared to you? Perhaps they live in the sort of house you want to live in. Or they have the money to travel all over the place and take constant weekend holiday breaks.

Desiring to change your life is not the problem, because the Lord promises that He will give you your heart’s desire. The problem is when you look at other people and their lifestyles and you become disgruntled with your own.

The children of Israel are a good example of this. When they were wandering around the desert, they began to complain about their current situation. They longed to get back to the meat, onions and garlic that they used to eat in Egypt, compared to just eating manna all day. 

Yes their situation was clearly not the best. But looking back to Egypt and moaning about their current lot in life didn’t do them any good. They didn’t see that the Lord had something greater in store for them. 

How to Water Your Garden

What circumstance do you find yourself in right now that you are perhaps not happy about? Are you looking at people who have a better house or at what seems to be a dream job that you would love? 

There is nothing wrong with desiring to have something better. But stop looking elsewhere and start watering your own garden right now to make it greener. 

How do you do that? The best way is to start thanking the Lord for giving you what you do have. You may have a lifestyle and possessions that many others don’t have, so start by doing that. 

Then if you desire to change your circumstances, begin to water that desire with the Word. Find Scriptures that you can stand on that will build your faith, because faith is what moves the Lord on your behalf. 

You can add to it by praying in tongues and praising the Lord. All of those things can build up in the Spirit, until the Lord opens the way for you to receive the desires of your heart. 

Abraham and Solomon are two Bible characters who had an abundance, so the Lord is not against having that. But there is one thing that both of them did that brought the blessing in. They put the Lord first in their lives and they trusted Him.

So whatever circumstance you find yourself in today, thank the Lord for it and place it into His hands. Then as you keep watering your own situation, you will see the Lord beginning to move in your life in wonderful ways.

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