Be Jesus’ Hands and Feet

In this ministry we often have impromptu ties of praise and worship. Or when we have a Sunday morning meeting we always have a time of worship. 

My husband especially has written a lot of songs, and in one of our music times we just waited on the Lord to lead us as to what to sing. 

One of the songs the Lord led us to sing was one that he wrote a long time ago. I love it and it is so powerful. It goes like this.

I’ve called you to be my light to this world
So shine now my child shine
I’ve called you to speak my blessing everywhere
So speak now my child speak
I’ve called you to show my love and my grace
So love now my child love
I’ve called you to live my life in this world
So live now my child live

You gotta shine for me
You gotta speak like I do
You gotta love like me too
You gotta let my life flow out through you.

I thought about this song again when I woke up in the early hours of one morning. As I did so I got a picture of a little child trying to put on its mom’s or dad’s shoes. 

Most kids seem to do that sort of thing, and to me it is a picture of looking up to their parent and trying to do the same thing as them. Then the Lord said this to me and I believe He wants to say it to you too.

“As a child puts on the shoes of its parent in order to be like them and imitate them, so you need to imitate Me in this world. I walked throughout the land and loved people. I touched them and flowed out to them. I loved them and healed them physically and emotionally.

You are to be Me in this world. And even though you may not feel confident or know what to do, just love on people and care for them. 

You may not know what to do or the right words to say. But if you simply want to touch them with my love, I will take care of the details. So go and be like I was, and see Me moving in the lives of people in a powerful way.”

May you have a wonderful day and spread the Lord’s love around.

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