Daily Devotion For October 19

Hidden Away

I shared before about how our family went on a tour of an old aircraft carrier that had been retired. I have always been fascinated with ships after I learned that my grandfather had been an admiral in the New Zealand Navy.

After visiting the aircraft carrier I was looking up some information about submarines and saw a video of one. It was deep under the water, hidden well out of sight. And by being hidden away it was also protected from the enemy.

The crew may have been in the dark waters and not seen to the world. But they were not in the dark about what was happening on the outside and the plans that the enemy had.

You see they had a tool that they could use to see what was happening with the enemy. It was of course a periscope, which they could raise up slowly to see what was happening around them.

When they did this they could see where the enemy was and what he was up to. Then they could attack him and stop his plans, all while they were hidden away in safety.

Your spiritual life is very much the same as that submarine. The Lord is able to hide you away from the enemy and protect you from his attack. Then He will show you what is happening out in the world and warn you of any attack that the enemy would try to launch against you.

As you spend time in His presence He will begin to show you Satan's plans. He will let you use that spiritual periscope and tell you what the enemy wants to do. He will say something like this.

"My child the enemy is not happy with you, for you are rising up strong in me. You are standing in my power and authority, and he can see the anointing on your life.

He may roar like a lion, but do not let him unsettle you my child. For I am with you and am the greater one inside of you. And when you have me in your life he cannot win.

So do not be moved when he lies and tells you that things are bad. Do not be afraid when he tries to make you think that he has won. Simply use the authority that I have given to you and command him to be silent.

Use the weapons of the Word and my Spirit and stand against him using my power. For he knows that he cannot overcome me, and when you use my authority he knows that he has to bow.

Rest in me now and know that I will protect you from the enemy. You are special to me and I will not let him overcome you," says the Lord.

The Lord is there to protect you from the enemy, but you have to hide in that secret place with Him. From there He will show you Satan's plans so that you can stand against him and overcome him in victory.

May you hide away with the Lord today, and may He show you how to have victory over Satan.