Daily Devotion For May 18

Magnetic Attraction

My son received a magnet set for his birthday one year. It contained a whole lot of little balls or long pieces that you could put together in any order that you liked and you could build little objects with them.

I had fun the one day playing around with them. The one thing that fascinating me, was how if you put the pieces together in a certain way they either attracted or repelled each other. When they repelled each other there was no way you could get them to even come close. There was like a force field in operation that pushed them away.

A while after this event we went through a dry patch and nothing seemed to move. No matter what we tried to do and no matter how hard we worked, everything stayed dead. It became so frustrating and we couldn't understand what was going on.

The one day I got down to pray and find out what was happening. The Lord reminded me of the magnets and said that the enemy had crept in and had reversed the magnetic fields. So instead of attracting favor and blessing to us, we now repelled it.

This revelation went off light a bomb inside of me, and I prayed and commanded that things be reversed. I stood against Satan and bound his works according to the Word. It was amazing to see how things turned around almost instantly after I did this.

Perhaps right now you are experiencing something similar to what I just described. You are working hard in whatever you are doing. You are not slacking in applying yourself to doing things and praying for the things you need. But it seems like you are going nowhere.

It is possible that the enemy has somehow crept in and is causing the opposite of blessing to come into your life. Instead of provision, blessing and favor with people you are having the reverse effect. It is as though you are repelling them.

If this is the case, then you need to stand against the enemy and command him to reverse that spiritual magnet. You just need to submit yourself to the Lord and then resist Satan. He knows that he has no choice but to let go and back off from your affairs.

As you do this the Lord will begin to work in your life once more. And you will likely look around and rejoice at how things have changed in such a wonderful way.


Lord I want to thank you that you desire us to walk in blessing, just like the opposite poles of a magnet attract things to them.

I thank the Lord that He is able to turn things around for you so that you become a magnet of good things.


Today may the blessing of the Lord be attracted to you like a magnet.