Daily Devotion For January 17

Like a Baby

Whether you are young or old, male or female, I don't know if there is a person in the world who doesn't want to look at a new baby once it has been born.

Friends of ours had just had a baby and I was eager to go and see the little boy. When we arrived at the house we found him asleep in his mother's arms looking the perfect picture of peace.

That little baby didn't have a care in the world. He was warm, comfortable and felt secure in his mom's strong arms.

I always remember when my son John was born. I was not able to hold him for the first two days because he was in Intensive Care. But on the third day he was allowed to go to the regular nursery.

A nurse called me into the Intensive Care Unit and told me to wait for the doctor to share some more things with me. Then she thrust this newborn infant into my arms and left.

It was the strangest, but most beautiful experience to look down at this tiny baby sleeping away peacefully. But what struck me the most was the fact that he was relying entirely on me for all his needs.

To me this is a beautiful picture of trust. And from a spiritual viewpoint, it is a picture of what we should be doing when it comes to trusting the Lord.

When you are a baby you rely totally on your parents to provide your needs. But when you grow up a bit, sometimes the bad things you experience in life prevent you from trusting so much.

You see as a believer you should ideally be like that baby, sleeping peacefully and trusting the Lord. But sometimes those bad experiences make it hard for you to believe.

The Lord understands and He is able to help you to wipe away those things that are standing in your way. He is there to reassure you that He will take care of every need, and that you can rest in His arms and just trust Him implicitly.

Perhaps you have been praying and trusting, rebuking the enemy and doing everything in your power to get an answer.

I understand how this works. And especially if you are in need of some immediate answers, you do tend to do that sort of thing. It is not a problem. Those things will work, but you still need to have faith and trust the Lord.

But when you have done everything that you can, it is time to stop and become like that baby. You have explored every area and done everything that you know to do spiritually.

Now you need to stop and rest. Let go of your striving and just come to the Lord like that innocent baby. He will take you in His arms and you can rest there, safe and secure. You can sleep in peace that night, knowing that He has taken care of it all.


If you are striving and finding it hard to trust right now, I speak peace to you. I speak rest and relaxation. As you leave your cares with the Lord and rest in Him, I thank you Lord that you are moving right now.

I speak to your situation now and know that the Lord is working it for good. I stand with you and bind every work that Satan would try to use to stop the Lord from answering.

Lord I thank you for working mightily on their behalf.


Today may you rest like that baby, knowing that the Lord has taken care of every need.