Daily Devotion For April 11

Stop the Churning

As a young girl I used to love the school holidays. It wasn't just so much that I was finally at home and didn't have to go to school. It was the fact that I could enjoy seeing and doing all the little things at home that I didn't usually get to do otherwise.

There was one thing that I loved, and that was the Monday morning washing. I know that for many people doing the laundry is not a fun thing to do. It is more like a chore. But of course I wasn't doing it. I was just watching it.

We had one of those old fashioned washing machines. It had two sections in it and you put everything in from the top.

You had to fill the water yourself with a long hose. Then you set the machine to work and it churned, twisted and turned and got all the dirt out. I just loved it and thought it was the most fun thing in the world to watch it moving everything around.

Sometimes all that churning can be a bad thing though, especially when it is spiritual in nature. You see there are often situations in our lives where things go wrong or where we are afraid. They are usually the kinds of situations where you are maybe concerned about something and you just can't let it go.

You keep thinking about it and your mind goes crazy. You finally crawl into bed at night to try and go to sleep. You want to just lie down and drift off into dreamland. But you can't do it, because it is as though you have that washing machine inside of you. It churns and turns and it won't let you rest.

So how do you switch it off? How do you stop it from keeping you awake all night? There is only one way to do it and that is to look to the Lord and focus on Him. He is the one who stands waiting for you to unplug it and stop all the turmoil inside.

Here is a great Scripture that you can stand on from John 14:27. It says,

I am leaving you with peace; I am giving you My peace, and I am not giving it to you in the same way that the world gives. Do not permit your heart to be made ill at ease, neither let it be insecure and fearful.

If you are restless and cannot find peace at this time, why don't you give the Lord what is troubling you? If you are afraid, tell Him your fears and ask Him to take care of them. He is well able to calm your nerves and cause things to work together for good.


If you are experiencing what I have described above, I speak peace to you. I speak blessing on you, and I thank the Lord that He is there for you and ready to help you to overcome whatever is troubling you.

Thank you Lord that you can cause the churning to cease and bring perfect rest in every situation. Thank you for caring Lord, and for causing what seems a bad thing to work out for good in the end.


May you walk in perfect peace today and experience the Lord's abundant blessing in your life.