Daily Devotion For June 24


I was on my very first overseas trip before I even moved to Mexico. I went with my step-mom over to visit some relatives and friends, and our first stop was to visit a friend in Perthshire, Scotland.

I was exhausted for the first day after our long 24 hour journey. But the next day I was eager to explore this quaint little place and its surroundings.

The friend's house was outside the main village, and there was a huge forest behind it. So as soon as we could, we set out for a walk in the forest. It was freezing cold and I had to bundle up like a polar bear, but I was keen to get exploring.

It was a beautiful pine forest, and our friend took us up a path that started just near the house. We walked and walked, twisted and turned and it was a lovely experience being out in the open. The smell of the pine was so fresh and it made me feel alive.

After walking with the others I thought it would be fine to go on a walk myself. It looked easy enough, so one afternoon I wrapped myself up and began the walk. I wanted to talk to the Lord at the same time.

I walked and talked and enjoyed being in the fresh, cold air again. But after a while I suddenly realized that something didn't look so familiar anymore. It was clear that I had gone astray and taken a wrong path.

That was pretty scary, but I was fortunate that someone was nearby. I called out to see if my friend or step-mom could hear me, but another person was also walking in the forest and could lead me back on the right path.

Your spiritual life can often be just like this. There are times where you feel like you are in a forest surrounded by all the tall trees. You cannot see your way clearly and there are many possible paths available that you can take.

But which one is the best one? You sometimes find yourself going around in circles. That is when the Lord will step in and show you the right path. He will take you by the hand and lead you down the correct path and out into safety.

Perhaps you have strayed off the path and got lost. You cannot see which way to go, and trying to figure it all out is draining you. You just need to stop and cry out to the Lord like I did. He will soon come to your rescue, lead you out of that forest and onto the right path.


Lord I want to thank you that when we get lost or go astray, you are able to show us where to go. When we cannot see our way clearly you are able to lead us out and onto the right path.


Today may you know which direction you are headed and walk along an open path.