Daily Devotion For November 27


"Your tea is ready," someone called out to me.

I was just finishing off a job but came down a minute later, ready to enjoy my tea and have a little break. I picked the cup up by the handle and suddenly I was aware of a pain between two of my fingers.

I put the cup down again and felt where it was coming from. I couldn't see anything, but as I ran my fingers over the sore spot it became worse or not so bad depending on which way I went.

This was so annoying. It didn't matter what I did; just touching my finger in the wrong way would prick me and be painful. At times I would forget about it and then brush it past something. Then the pain would be there again.

I didn't know where I had picked this thing up from. But whatever the source was I wanted to get rid of it now. I wouldn't be able to do anything until I had removed it.

I went to my room and found a pair of tweezers. Then I stood by the window in the sun and looked to see if I could find the culprit. I could feel it and new exactly where the pain was coming from, so I put the tweezers around it and tried to pull it out.

I tried over and over but it didn't work, and I realized I needed to make another plan. Then I found a magnifying glass. I held it over my hand and there the culprit was.

I could see it at last - a tiny little hair that likely came from a cactus fruit that we had peeled and eaten. I saw just how to get it out, and this time I had success. What a relief it was to finally remove it!

There are times in your spiritual life when you will have a thorn in your hand. It will be something that 'pricks' you all the time and stops you from being effective in your ministry.

There are many things that can cause this. Some of them can be things like bad habits, hurts and bitternesses. You may not be able to see right away what they are or where they came from. But you will certainly feel their effects.

That is why you need to go to the Lord and ask Him to show you what is going on. He will always do that when you ask Him. He will use His magnifying glass and show you clearly where the problem is. Then He will help you to sort it out.

Soon you will feel relief like I felt when I got that thorn out of my hand at last. You will feel the Lord's peace. And you will be able to freely do what you want to.


If you are being troubled by a spiritual thorn today, I thank the Lord that He is able to show you what it is and where it comes from.

Thank you Lord for your peace and for helping us to walk in victory once again.


Today may you ask the Lord to show you any spiritual thorns that are causing problems. Then you can break free and walk in blessing again.